Davide Oldani

ChefAlps_Davide Oldani
ChefAlps_Davide Oldani
Davide Oldani
Cornaredo / Mailand (IT)
Stand 2016
* Michelin
Anno evento

The Italian master chef Davide Oldani is certainly one of the most remarkable protagonists of his craft. He proves that a star-crowned restaurant can devise an innovative and creative cuisine while being managed in such an efficient manner that guests can savour dishes of haute cuisine level for comparatively reasonable prices. For instance, at the restaurant D’O, decorated like a traditional Trattoria, that Davide Oldani runs in his hometown of Cornaredo, about 20 minutes by car from the centre of Milan, a four-course menu costs only 32 euros.

In his dishes, he has a penchant for giving a new interpretation to Italian classics, cutting them back to a fresh, exceptionally light, and at the same time very aromatic cuisine, always based on seasonal produce. This specifically designated ‘POP cuisine’ is well thought through to the smallest detail and runs like a continuous thread through the conception and the philosophy of his D’O gastronomy. His POP concept serves internationally as an exemplary case study at elite universities such as the Harvard Business School.

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