For the first time, it was possible to visit Masterclasses on both event days, where top speakers offer exclusive insights. On both event days, choices included an exciting Wine Tasting by Smith & Smith Wine Company as well as an exclusive Food & Cocktail pairing on Monday with master chef Ryan Clift in collaboration with Diamond Ice Noble Vodka (Siberian Vodka AG).

Interested visitors could obtain an additional ticket for the Masterclasses.

Masterclass with Smith & Smith Wine Company

All natural?
At present, nothing is being discussed more in the world of wine than natural wine! After the recent technological era, minimal intervention is the current buzzword. But how can we define natural wine? During this Masterclass, Smith & Smith and “rennersista” Stephanie Renner explained the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Some of the best European natural wines could be tasted and then compared with icons from the biodynamic scene, such as Joly, Leflaive and DRC. Furthermore, in a unique course highlighting faults, participants could learn, for instance, how wines that are high in sulphites taste and some common mistakes with natural wines.

Language: German

Masterclass with chef Ryan Clift, bartender Joseph Schofield and Diamond Ice Noble Vodka (Siberian Vodka AG)

During this masterclass three cocktails with Diamond Ice Noble Vodka in combination with three small pairing dishes were served. Chef Ryans bartender Jospeh Schofield had created three cocktails under the themes Happiness, Peace and Holiday. Chef Ryan served the pairing food items: Lobster Ravioli, Textures of Coconut and Razor Clam.

Language: English