Vladimir Mukhin

ChefAlps_Vladimir Mukhin
ChefAlps_Vladimir Mukhin
Vladimir Mukhin
White Rabbit
Moskau (RU)
Stand 2016
No. 18 – World’s Best Restaurants 2016
Winner “Experiments with Russian Cuisine” 2014 (Time Out Magazine)
Vice-Champion of S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup 2013
Best Young Russian Chef 2013 (Silver Triangle)
Event year

The White Rabbit in Moscow is the first Russian restaurant to make its debut in the ‘Top 25‘ on the ‘World’s Best Restaurants’ list. It’s all down to young chef de cuisine Vladimir Mukhin. The 33-year-old is one of the leading advocates of New Russian Cuisine. Muhkin’s culinary performances acquaint audiences with the typical taste of original and unknown products from his homeland. He combines these products using modern methods of preparation to create dishes with totally unexpected components.

His sensational creations have helped him to achieve cult status despite his young age. Signature dishes such as his 'rabbit mini cabbage rolls in foie gras sauce with potato crisps and truffle juice' propelled him to worldwide fame – along with his variation on the classic Russian dish, beef stroganoff. Instead of using beef, Mukhin makes his version using an ingredient hitherto unknown in Europe: surprisingly intensely flavourful Black Sea Rapa whelks, accompanied by baked parsnip and crackling from pot-bellied pigs. Black Sea Rapa whelks, accompanied by baked parsnip and crackling from pot-bellied pigs. ‘I am the fifth generation of chefs in my family; Russian cuisine is in my blood. I am inspired by local products, many of which are unknown abroad, as well as our native cooking techniques: the languor process of cooking in a Russian oven, fish drying, salting, soaking. Russian cuisine is constantly developing, it is ready for new ideas, illustrate Mukhin his personal philosophy.

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