Niko Romito

ChefAlps_Niko Romito
ChefAlps_Niko Romito
Niko Romito
Castel di Sangro (IT)
Stand 2016
*** Michelin
19.5 Points (Espresso Guide)
3 Forks (Gambero Rosso)
3rd Best Italian Score (Gambero Rosso and Espresso Guide)
Dish of the Year 2017 (Espresso Guide)
Lunch of the Year 2011 (Espresso Guide)
Best Chef 2012 (Identità Golose)
Event year

For three star chef Niko Romito ‘simplicity’ is the fundamental value in the preparation of his dishes at the restaurant Reale. ‘My food is often described as simple’, he says: ‘This is very true, in the sense that it is not complicated, which is not to say that it is without significant complexity. In cooking, complexity can be advantageous; complication never’. And this particular kind of simplicity can only be achieved through tireless research, and a passion for balance.

Romito works from the ingredient, trying to awaken its intrinsic power rather than add to it. This requires an intensive analysis even of a supposedly simple ingredient such as the onion: ‘The ‘Absolute of Onion, Parmigiano and Toasted Saffron’ consists of vegetable onion broth and ascorbic acid and vinegar, a meeting point between sweet and sour. You add Parmesan cheese and you create balance. If the ingredients are out of balance, even just a little, emotion, taste and lightness are compromised!’ says Romito, elucidating by this example the core of his philosophy.

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