Jakob Mielcke

ChefAlps_Jakob Mielcke
ChefAlps_Jakob Mielcke
Jakob Mielcke
Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
Frederiksberg / Kopenhagen (DK)
Stand 2016
11th Best Restaurant on the Top 30 Nordic List 2017 (White Guide Nordic)
COCO – 10 World-Leading Masters choose 100 Contemporary Chefs (Phaidon Press)
Chef Profile of the Year 2012 (Den Danske Spiseguide)
Event year

‘Everything is possible in Jakob’s world’, is the theme in the Copenhagen restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl, where Jakob Mielcke rules the roost as chef de cuisine. The 38-year-old Dane was recently listed by Phaidon as one of the 100 most creative chefs in the world (Phaeton Press), and he is one of the leading representatives of the New Nordic Cuisine, without making a religious dogma out of the movement. For his seasonal creations, which he composes as though they were avant-garde pieces of art, he lets nature inspire him while slipping in French and Asian elements in a relaxed manner.

Guests can always be assured of delicious surprises – such as, chicken with yuzu zest and chanterelles or lobster with sake, sancho and cherries and the turbot with lemon verbena, fresh red currants, bergamot and peas, ‘devil’s eggs’ made of foie gras on biscuits with raspberries and smoked oysters with pork and lingonberries. The inspiration source for Jakob Mielcke’s art of cookery is the restaurant’s fairy tale setting. The Mielcke & Hurtigkal is located in an 18th century winter pavilion in the middle of the Frederiksberg Park in Copenhagen, the Danish Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden, one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in the world.

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