Amanda Wassmer Bulgin and Sven Wassmer

ChefAlps Amanda Wassmer Bulgin Sven Wassmer
ChefAlps Amanda Wassmer Bulgin Sven Wassmer Food
Amanda Wassmer Bulgin and Sven Wassmer
Stand 2017
** Michelin
18 GaultMillau
“Shooting star of the Year 2018” (GaultMillau)
“Discovery of the Year 2016” (GaultMillau)
Event year

Together, they are sophisticatedly treading new paths in top-flight gastronomy, fluently creating holistic culinary and oenological experiences. In doing so they have put restaurant 7132 Silver in Vals on the international gourmet map in next to no time: Sommelier Amanda Wassmer Bulgin alongside master chef Sven Wassmer, have been awarded two Michelin stars and 18 GaultMillau points and are being celebrated as “Shooting stars of the year 2018”.

The congenial couple, soon taking a parental leave, will be demonstrating their exceptional partnership on the ChefAlps stage. “We are conveyors of emotions”, this being the secret of the success of their mutually inspirational “liaison culinaire”.

“Amanda conveys the stories behind my dishes”, says the master chef. Amanda Wassmer Bulgin explains, “I take the components of the dishes apart and look at them all from a chemical perspective - on a molecular basis”. The boundaries of otherwise normal wine pairings just melt together as part of this. Select wines ingeniously combine with culinary delights and vice-versa. Sven Wassmer masterfully creates entire menus to accompany the finest of wines selected beforehand by his wife.

Wassmer Bulgin pursues her main objective, “to awaken the guests’ appreciation of the vintner’s art and to advise them in choosing the right wine”, whilst using the greatest of expertise and the right nose to abandon long established rules. This approach has given her the reputation of being one of the best sommeliers in Switzerland. Amanda who is of British origin, has just recently sailed through the very difficult exam to become Master of Wine.

She is likely to be in the culinary Champions League, very much like the career of her husband. These two exceptional talents met when they were 20 years old and tied the marital knot in spring last year. Professionally, their paths had already crossed beforehand, for example with their work in Vals, at Schloss Schauenstein with Andreas Caminada, and more recently at the Focus Restaurant in the Park Hotel, Vitznau under Nenad Mlinarevic. In 2016, at 7132 Silver, Sven Wassmer was immediately awarded a star in the Michelin Guide and 17 GaultMillau points, as well as being named “Discovery of the Year”. The 31-year-old Swiss national delights in subtle interplay between nostalgia and the avant-garde. In his cuisine he playfully combines elements that at first sight might appear strange - self-picked wild fruit, herbs and mushrooms with the world’s finest ingredients.

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