Castilla y León

Wine tourism and gastronomy go hand in hand in Castilla y León, heart of Spain, one of Spain’s 17 Regions, situated in the North-West. Gastronomy is currently experiencing great success due to the skills of local chefs, the excellence and diversity of the raw materials and the location of grill houses, inns and restaurants, all of which will surprise tourists and food lovers. Outstanding examples include Ibérico ham, suckling lamb, suckling pig, the finest cheeses (Zamora, Valdeón, Los Beyos, Villalón…), a wide variety of dishes made with wild mushrooms and truffle (province of Soria), some of the finest pulses in Spain such as La Armuña and La Pardina de Tierra de Campos lentils, El Barco de Ávila beans, La Bañeza-León broad beans and Fuentesaúco chick peas.

In addition to the traditional dishes made from ancient recipes that have been passed down through the centuries, Castilla y León is also home to a more contemporary and innovative cuisine that researches and develops new recipes, taking the tradition and quality of its products as a starting point. This new trend for spectacular culinary creations is backed by the finest restaurants and chefs, some of whom have several Michelin Stars: Trigo (Valladolid), Cocinandos (León), Cobo Vintage (Burgos), El Ermitaño (Benavente), La Botica (Matapozuelos), Refectorio (Sardón de Duero), La Lobita (Navaleno, Soria), Víctor Gutiérrez (Salamanca) and Villena (Segovia).

Castilla y León, has 75.000 hectares dedicated to Wine production (6% of the national total). It ranks fourth in terms of grape production in Spain and is home to more than 500 wineries that are flourishing thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of 18.500 producers of fine wines.

The Region boasts 15 Designations of Origin, and comprises a vast agricultural space dotted with vineyards, large clusters of which are grouped around the principal river, the Duero, where some of the world’s best known wines are produced: Vinos De la Tierra de Castilla y León, D.O.Arlanza, D.O. Arribes, D.O. Bierzo, D.O.P. Cebreros, D.O. Cigales, D.O.Tierra de León, D.O. Tierra del Vino de Zamora, D.O. Toro, D.O.P.V.D.C. Valles de Benavente, D.O.P. Vino de calidad Sierra de Salamanca, D.O.P. Vino de calidad de Valtiendas, D.O. Ribera del Duero, D.O. Rueda and D.O. Rioja.

The D.O. Ribera del Duero with its unique personality, D.O. Bierzo with the magnificent Mencía grape variety, D.O. Toro which has become another major driving force for the mid-Duero reds, D.O. Rueda with its white wines made from the Verdejo or Sauvignon varieties, rank amongst the finest wines in the world.


Text & map: Junta de Castilla y León
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